3 Oral Hygiene Upgrades That Will Save You Money

1. Invest in an electric toothbrush.

How will it save me money at the dentist?

By investing in an electric toothbrush– which is totally worth the splurge– you’re letting technology do way more than your hand ever will. A high quality electric toothbrush will produce anywhere from 7,500 to 30,000 rotations per minute. By comparison, your wrist will average about 300 strokes in the same amount of time. It’s really a no brainer. An electric toothbrush will keep your teeth healthier and whiter for longer. Also, who wants to shell out cash to take care of cavities when a small investment can help prevent them in the first place?


2. Don’t ditch the straw

How will it save me money at the dentist?

Maybe you think it’s dorky, but keeping the straw is something your teeth will be sure to thank you for. Drinks like citrus juices, soda, and coffee can wear on the enamel or stain the teeth. The way to minimize this damage is by using a straw. But Temple University’s Mohammed Bassiouny, DMD, PhD, MSc tells us to place the straw towards the back of the mouth. That way, the liquid is in contact with the teeth for a shorter amount of time.


3. Get on a “Teeth Diet”

How will it save me money at the dentist?

No, we’re not trying to get your teeth to lose weight. But some foods are better for your pearly whites than others.  Live Science drummed up a list of 8 foods that promote healthy teeth, and I encourgae you to dig in! Suggestions included cheese, which is correlated with a drop in oral pH (acid levels); and crunchy foods like cucumbers, which disturb and loosen plaque.


Now Shine On, You Toothy Diamonds!