About Brett Cotham

Dr. Brett Cotham is a dentist who is currently professionally based out of Arkansas. His journey towards dentistry began in several years ago while he was a student at the University of Missouri, Columbia. As an undergraduate, he built a strong academic foundation in the sciences, concentrating in both biology and chemistry. He translated those skills and his love of the sciences into a study of dentistry after he was accepted into a program at the University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC). While studying at the UMKC School of Dentistry, Brett Cotham honed his skills in the Oral Surgery Honors Program. In 2012, he obtained a Doctorate of Dental Surgery, graduating with honors.

After his time at UMKC, Dr. Cotham began professional practice in north central Arkansas, refining his skills and becoming a talented dentist as an Associate Dentist at Highland Family Dentistry. As he gained more experience in north central Arkansas, he took his medical skills westward, to Brady’s, a family dentistry and cosmetics practice. In his early days in northwest Arkansas, Brett Cotham joined Brady’s as an Associate.


Brett Cotham is a talented dentist. At Brady’s, the extra experience and skills he developed at University of Missouri, Kansas School of Dentistry’s Oral Surgery Honors Program translate well into his professional life in Arkansas. He is praised for having “extensive experience” in cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is an exceptional field in which to distinguish yourself, for several surveys by the AACD reveals oral cosmetic dentistry to be desirable, characterized by stable revenues, and most often recommended by those closest to an inquiring patient. Brett Cotham has taken his experience in oral cosmetic dentistry to new heights. At his new practice, he makes use of a technology called “Smile Design”.

Smile Design

What exactly is Smile Design? Well, think for a moment about just how many people desire something different about, or even a completely new smile. Describing what you want can be difficult enough in everyday life, but verbally expressing what you want changed with regards to your oral appearance could be quite daunting. And thats what Smile Design assists- it allows the patient to see what the new smile would look like, before any actual corrective action is taken or procedures begun. In addition to this experience, Brett Cotham is also comfortable performing procedures such as root canals, bone grafting, and implantation; amongst other aspects and practices of general dentistry.

Personal Endevors

When he is not engaging patients at the office, Brett Cotham enjoys traveling. Brett has spent time traveling across the globe, experiencing and learning about other cultures. Brett Cotham enjoys traveling because it presents the opportunity to broaden horizons and challenge long-held assumptions and ideas of the world. As Brett contends, traveling is like chicken soup for the soul. It makes you, as an individual, more empathetic, culturally aware, and generally interesting. Get out there, and challenge yourself.